11 Tips For A Safe And Healthy Holi

11 Tips For A Safe And Healthy Holi Holi is 1 of the most colourful festivals of India.

Holi Festival makes a lot of fun and happiness for people in India while the bhang and pakoda, the singing and dancing, the mischief नुकसान and drenching भिगाना in colours are great fun, the aftermath can sometimes be rude, with some people started suffering from skin redness, rashes eye allergies also discolouration of hair.


11 Tips For A Safe And Healthy Holi

Here are some tips and ideas to make your Holi festival safe and joyous.

  • The most reliable choice would be to play with natural homemade colours. Your skin and hair will feel tampered with the use of skin-friendly natural products. Try to select colours in a home-like using turmeric, marigold petals; else buy herbal tones. Use more light red or pink undertones. Which looks good on you it can easily be removed.
  • On the night of Holi manage yourself and your children at a safe distance from the Holi bonfire
  • If the original colours are not possible, you should ensure a sufficient variety of colours. Buy colours from a good shop
  • Use a large amount of moisturizing lotion or oil on your face, arms, legs and any exposed part of the skin.
  • Use waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, sunburn
  • Hair is the sensitive part of the body that can turn breakable, frizzly and much dry due to Holi colours in the head. Before you start holi protect your hair from dangerous chemicals, dirt, and dust by massaging your scalp and hair with oil and put extra oil on hairs. Try to Wear a cap before going out to play Holi.
  • Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses and remove contact lenses before going out to play Holi. In any situation, colour enters the eyes take an immediate step and rinse them with cold water.
  • Avoid playing outdoors Holi with dry colours if you have asthma and allergic to dust give the first priority to your health
  • Try to Avoid applying harsh soaps chemicals and shampoo to get clear of the colour. Try to Use a mild soap or face wash like-Clean & Clear Santoor Sandal Soap,
    Nivea Creme Soft Soap, for your skin and baby shampoo followed by the conditioner for your hair.
Do not drive if you are drunk or hang Respect for all kinds of life also avoids putting colour on street animals and pets. It is extremely dangerous and painful to them and amounts to torture.
11 Keep handy pain killers in your pocket, anti-oxidants, anti-allergic tablets if all the above tips have neglected.