7 Amazing Benefits of Using Desi Ghee Regularly

desi cow ghee

Having a good thing in a diet can help us in making the health good. As human beings, we need all kinds of nutritions and proteins to survive in this world. One of the best ingredients is Desi Ghee. It is a kind of clarified butter use in India. It is made up of cow milk solid butter. However, making ghee is easy, but it takes some time. for getting desi ghee benefits

What is cow ghee?

Cow ghee is a kind of buttery thing. It smells so lovely like butter. I remember days when I was a child; my grandma used to add ghee in all the dishes made in our meal. She thinks that it gives us more power, like protein, nutrients, and vitamins.

There are several desi ghee benefits which you will get in this content. However, there are some benefits of desi ghee with milk. It is a kind of home remedy for several problems related to our bodies. If you have an issue of the digestive system or joint pain so ghee which hot milk could cure this problem, it boosts metabolism and improves stamina. So, one can have ghee with warm milk to have these benefits, and it may not harm you.

Why is desi ghee healthy to you? 

A question which is mostly raised by youngsters because they want to make their health without having any fat. So, according to science, it is healthy for you because it has lots of health benefits. Moreover, in the next paragraph, you are going to learn some main advantages of

desi ghee. So, there is no need to worry that it is healthy or not. As we have read in the above aspects, it is made up of butter, so make sure you eat such a healthy thing.

desi cow ghee

Desi ghee health benefits:

1.Helps in weight loss:

Celebrity Nutritionist, one of the best India’s leading nutrition and exercise science experts, Rujuta Diwekar, the name sets this myth even by calling desi ghee the ‘fat that makes you thin.’ In her book, ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight,’

she explains the saturated fat that Desi Ghee has is the short-chain-fatty acid. It helps to burn the stubborn fat in the body while improving your metabolism. That’s is the book that changed my myths about eating only certain foods. you want to buy

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2.Helps in Digestion:

100 % Pure Desi Cow Ghee improves digestion by stimulating the flow of stomach acid. The butyric acid present desi ghee is also a soothing effect on stomach ulcers. That is why people who are sick and the aged are advice to eat ghee with their meals, which helps lower infection and digest the food.

3.Improves Overall Heart Health

People belives that ghee is better than refined oils because oil plays an essential role in heart health. If consumed daily in a small amount; cow ghee can reduce bad cholesterol and support overall health heart.

desi ghee benefits

4.Improved eyesight

The leading causes of night blindness deficiency of Vitamin A. Desi ghee is a power source of Vitamin A. So eating desi ghee helps to prevent night blindness. Desi ghee helps to maintain the eyesight. The traditional methods use by our yoga guru or elders use ghee along with Triphala or with honey to improve the vision.

desi ghee benefits

5.A Healthy Source of Energy

Since ghee includes less fatty acids than other options, it provides a good source of energy. It also has antifungal & antimicrobial things besides its energy-boosting properties. The body absorbs ghee related to the way it absorbs carbohydrates; so, consuming ghee in minimum amounts can keep you energetic all day.

6. Ghee nourishes the skin

Many Believe it or not; this golden, creamy ingredient is a fantastic skincare product that has been in use in various skincare products for many generations. Because Long before there were any skin conditioners or moisturizers, our elders informed us to eat ghee because it made the skin beautiful and flexible. So you can say ghee is the original skin moisturizer.

7.Treats Insomnia:

Ghee is a miracle ingredient for people who suffer from severe insomnia problems. Gently rub ghee on temples and the stomach around the naval to balance Vata and cool down the body. This massage gives a calming effect on the mind, relax your body, and gives you the right amount of sleep.

desi ghee benefits


No food component has as much press as ghee. With research, it’s come to light that ghee is ideal for you rather than damaging the entire body. It turns our grandmothers were correct in adding it into our dishes of steaming rice and dals and cooking meals in ghee. Into gold, it’s been equated From the scriptures. Considering its advantages, our ancestors understood the significance of ghee!