Best advise for an 18-year old

Best advice for an 18-year old Mainly for people in their new teens or early twenties.

A must read for youngsters!

  • 1.Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at the age of 19teen. Wherever are you? Busy chasing girls/boys on Facebook, Instagram? Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at the age of 19teen. Wherever are you? Busy chasing girls/boys on Facebook, Instagram?
  • 2. Make less but make real friends
  • 3. One of my best advice you must follow Now Start to take care of your health and fitness. Eat healthy food and vegetables, fruits in your diet; it is one piece of advice I mostly give to others always because I am suffering from a severe problem now. Always be fit #mission India fit.
  • 4. Malala Yousafazai got one Nobel prize at 17teen for the fight against the suppression of kids and young people and the right of all children to education.
    Where are you?, Active in criticizing your parents for lack of sources?
  • 5. Be clear with whatever kind of people you’re around. All coin and all person has two different sides.
  • 6. Swag is great, but costs are best. Develop values in your life.
  • 7. Ritesh Agarwal established Oyo Rooms company in his twenties. Now is 300 crore company Where are you, buddy? Busy in making memes?
  • 8. Don’t rush to lose your virginity
  • 9. See porn and do masturbate but don’t get it in your habit
  • 10. Don’t speed for wedding guys first live your life then go for marriage
  • 11.Nevermore sex with prostitutes. STD {Sexually transmitted diseases } can immediately end your entire life
  • 12. Don’t look for true love on Facebook, Tinder, Bigo live
  • 13. Overcome your laziness. Push yourself to get up early in the morning before the whole world wakes up. Start at 7:00, then from 6:00, and then from 5:30. Go to the nearest park, Gym,
  • 14. Try to go to bed earlier. Stop using mobile 2 hours before bed Start from 23:00, then from 22:00, and then 21:00. After this habit, you quickly wake up in the morning including a new supply of energy and strength in your body.
  • 15. Being broken is a part of the journey but staying broken is a fucking choice. No matter what happens in your life, suicide is never a solution. Spend time with your friends because after my breakup I learn one thing is guys love is just temporary but friendship is forever and last things Sexual desire is for a moment only. Don’t ruin your life for it

Last line-My best advice for everyone
Accept these circumstances as a challenge and then fight with it one by one!
Doesn’t matter win or lose, fight wholeheartedly. Don’t give up.

If you win, you gain success. If you lose, you gain experience.
And remember, both of them are priceless!
{Success gets from experience and experience gets from bad experiences}
By-Sandeep Maheshwari