Best Foods for Stress Relief in your kitchen

Best Foods for Stress Relief in your kitchen like warm milk, turmeric, whole grain bread, etc.
How many of you are suffering from stress or having stress due to some personal issues?

In the entire world, more than 75% of adults are suffering from anxiety. If the stress level is continuously increasing, then it will affect our hormones. These hormonal changes can increase the risk of your body.

There is a reliable link between feeling good and living longer. Food plays a vital role in this link, and through this, our mood and stress level could be affected. Having unhealthy and junk food on a regular bases will boost the stress level, but it will also lead to anxiety.

A person living in a healthy family and enjoying a balanced diet is far from stress compared to others.

IMPORTANCE OF Foods that will boost your mood

Different kinds of food will boost your mood. A small change in diet can make a more significant difference in your mood. In research, it is proven that food and mood both are related to each other.

Eating several foods can be the best way to support mental and physical problems throughout life. Moreover, you need to eat such food that cannot boost your mood, but they may also aim at your health. You have to try such type of food that help in starting your positive routine.

6 Best Foods to Fight Off Stress

We have research the 6 best foods that can help you in reducing the stress level. Several people may know about that food, whereas some may not know. Here are the foods that you have to add-on on to the diet if you want to fight stress:

1.Herbal Tea

People are using herbs for several years to maintain their health, but only a few people know this aspect. Herbal tea is one of the main elements in reducing stress. Adaptogens are present in the herbs that help your body adapt to stress and work with the body to find the perfect balance.

Some herbs help reduce stress, sleeping, pregnancy, prevent headaches, and many others. The stress relief tea comprises several herbs like Lemon blam, Holy basil, Eleuthero, Lavender, and Chamomile.

All these herbs provide various nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, essential to a calm mind and lighten the mood.
Moreover, herbal tea contains essential oils that are known for cooling down the nerve. Herbal tea was also beneficial for improving blood circulation and increase the detoxification process to improve overall mood.

What is the ideal time to drink tea?

There are two main benefits of drinking tea during the day time:
Support the digestive system
Caffeine boosts your energy level
Therefore, the best time for drinking tea is after breakfast or lunch. Those who are consuming tea in the evening have to avoid it. Several people may not know that it is not beneficial to them.
We all know that tea is delicious, but there are times when you are have to stay away from it.

These are:
When you are pregnant
Below 12 year or sensitive to caffeine
If you are not feeling good after drinking tea, in that case, consult to doctor.

2.Whole grains

warm milk

Are you looking for such kind of ingredients that you can include in a daily meal? So, here is one of the essential components are whole grains.

These are rich in carbohydrates and provide energy to your body and mind. Carbs are useful in boosting serotonin, a chemical in our body that can boost mood and reduce stress.

More serotonin means more concentration and more work efficiency.
Whole grains can control our hormones that make you feel stressed.

The food rich with fibres and carbohydrates is the perfect combination for relieving stress—for example, brown rice, cooked potato, millets, etc.


Drinking warm milk with nuts before going to bed

Stress can reduce vitamin B in our body, and nuts help in replenishing them. Vitamin B helps us to handle stress response and keep our neurotransmitters happy.

Nuts are linked with living longer, but they are also rich in healthy fats and protein. Most nuts are rich in magnesium that helps in reducing the stress that’s why nuts are the best food for stress relief.

The symptoms of magnesium deficiency are the inability to manage stress. Research proved that consuming nuts will not only for reducing stress but also control blood pressure.


Drinking warm milk with turmeric before going to bed is the home remedy for getting better sleep at night.

We all know that turmeric is also that aspect which contains lots of benefits for our body. The refreshing anti-inflammatory turmeric can boost serotonin levels. Through this, one can get relief from anxiety and depression.

In recent studies, it has been proven that turmeric serves as a complementary treatment for neurological disorders. It helps in stabilizing mood and combat depression.

It has a positive impact on neurotransmitter balance and overall mental function. Before taking turmeric,

In the period of the COVID, 19 explosions whole mankind across the world are suffering.
Improving the body’s natural defence system (immunity) plays a crucial role
in protecting optimum health.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. But there is no medication for
COVID-19 as of now, it will be good to take preventive steps which boost our
immunity in these periods

Ayurveda, being the science of life, produces the blessings of nature in maintaining
healthy and happy living Ministry of AYUSH recommends turmeric (HALDI)

Haldi milk also is known as a Golden Milk- Half teaspoon Haldi (turmeric) powder in 150 ml hot milk –
once or twice a day

5.Warm Milk

warm milk

Drinking warm milk before going to bed is the home remedy for getting better sleep at night. Warm milk provides us with relaxing effects on the body. Calcium-rich food is an essential aspect of a healthy diet. So, warm milk helpful in reducing depression. Moreover, diary food with calcium and vitamin D can help your muscles to be relaxed and stabilize mood.

If we are in danger, try to drink warm milk, making your mind and blood pressure relax. Several ingredients in the milk like tryptophan are essential amino acids, which is a crucial ingredient for making serotonin.

6.Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a useful element in improving your mood relieves stress.

In this generation, everyone loves to eat chocolate. Dark chocolate is a useful element in improving your mood relieves stress. When your body’s sugar level goes down below the average, you feel irritated, and the stress level begins in your mind.

The low sugar level starts consuming food that restores your blood-sugar-level. Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants, helping you improve insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and overall mood.

A person has to consume 40g of dark chocolate in a day to keep yourself happy and stress-free mind.

Are there any fruits that reduce stress?

Fruit provides lots of vitamins in our body. A healthy diet can prevent our body from diseases. When it comes to stress, you need to eat something that can help reduce the tension level.

So that oranges, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits are the best way to complete the absence of vitamin C. Through this, you can quickly reduce the stress level, and vitamin C is a powerful element for boosting the immune system. You can eat an orange in the afternoon for nourishing and calming snacks.

Bonus tips

Seasonal fruits From all the benefits of fruits, you have to consume seasonal fruits to eliminate stress from the mind. Those fruits which contain citric acid will help you in fighting with stress.

The fruits contain some essential vitamins and nutrients which are required for your brain to perform correctly. Apart from the fruits, you can have leafy vegetables to keep your mind sharp and boost the ability to deal with hard situations.

Is green tea good for your health?

green tea reduce stress level

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages in the entire world. It is loaded with some antioxidants, which is beneficial for health. It includes:

  1. Fat loss
  2. Protect from cancer
  3. Improve brain function
  4. Low risk of heart disease
  5. Reduce bad breath
  6. Help you to live longer.
  7. For protecting your self from several diseases, you have to drink green tea one daily bases. It has a range of possible health benefits and a full pack of health-promoting compounds.