Coconut oil: A combination of several benefits and uses

Coconut oil for face
  1. Uses of coconut oil
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Are you the one who is looking for a single thing that is beneficial for several ways? Whether it is preventing our skin or cooking any dish. So, Coconut oil is only the one thing that is used for several things because there are many benefits uses of coconut oil

Coconut oil comes from coconut; it is a kind of fruit which consists of several vitamins and nutritions. Through this, we can say that oil is consists of vitamins and nutritions. There are lots of people who think that it is conventional oil, but it is not the truth. In this BLOG, we are continuing to discuss various aspects of coconut oil. Few of them are:

Uses of coconut oil

The coconut oil is that thing that is used in several ways, but as a human, we have to know what are the uses of this oil. So here a few of them are:

Use as a supplement

Coconut oil is available in the entire market with different brands. However, these brands pack oil in different ways, like capsules. These capsules are majored as per the tablespoon. You can use this as a supplement for cooking. Through this, you have a new option in oil, and that helps you in trying something new.

Add in tea or coffee.

Coconut oil is a good thing for those who want to make ketones in their body. Moreover, if you following the ketogenic diet, then start adding coconut oil in your coffee to stay in ketosis. It also offers some health benefits, but it also has a drawback that is adding the right amount of calories. So, you need to add only 14 grams of coconut oil in a cup of hot coffee.


Coconut oil is the best replacement for butter or eggs. One can use the oil as drizzling the chicken, fish, or beef before putting them in the oven. However, you can use this as making salad and some other dishes.

Works as a medicine

You all are thinking about how a conventional oil can be used as a medicine, but it is true. Coconut oil is used for removing the stretch marks and some dark spots. However, those who are suffering from bugs and itches, then this is the best medicine for eliminating these infections.

Benefits of coconut oil
coconut oil substitute

Benefits of coconut oil

As per experts, you may not know the actual benefits of coconut oil. That’s why here are some main advantages of oil:

  1. Protect skin from UV rays– The coconut oil very effective in protecting our skin from harmful rays. Through the UV rays, there are the chances of increasing skin cancer and some wrinkles. The research examines that coconut oil blocks 20% of UV rays. But never keep in mind that sunscreen is the best option for protecting our skin, it is an ordinary option. We can say that coconut oil is a permanent solution.
  2. Cooks in high temperature– Most of the oil may not cooks at high temperatures, but the coconut oil can quickly cook in high temperatures. It is one of the most alternative for cooking rather than the other one. 
  3. Bath– Coconut oil is the only oil that doesn’t to be applied to your skin. It can use as part of your daily bathing time routine. Adding coconut oil to your bath water will help to moisturize your skin from head to feet, oil nourishes, and re-hydrate your dry skin. The result after your bath is skin that is soft, flexible and revitalized
  4. Improve brain function– The coconut oil turned into ketones, which is one of the best alternative energy sources for our brain. Consuming coconut oil on a daily bases can help in increasing the production of ketones, which is sourced by MCTs.
  5. Good cholesterol– There are lots of oils that contain bad cholesterol, and it is not suitable for our health, whereas coconut oil contains good cholesterol. 
  6. Helps With Weight Loss– Coconut oil works as a fat burner and helps to burn calories, particularly with doses of unrefined coconut oil. It also acts as a craving suppressant. One research shows that capric acid in coconut oil helps to boost thyroid performance, which in turn reduces a body’s resting heart rate and aids in burning fat for an increased energy boost.
  7. Prevent from Heart Disease– Because in coconut oil present a high amount of saturated fats that helps boost HDL, it’s like good cholesterol in your body- it helps to turn lousy cholesterol into good cholesterol.
  8. Relaxation– Coconut oil mainly used in the form of massage. It acts as a powerful moisturizer, while the exotic coconut fragrance relaxes your senses. Because the skin immediately absorbs, it is the best oil to massage. It helps to relax tight muscles in the body. A massage with this oil improves healing, hydration, and rejuvenation of the skin. Now, this oil is trendy is because it is a natural beauty product. Many women are leaving away from chemical-based products and turning to natural elements for a more natural skincare routine. With so many marvelous products available on the market that carry this fantastic oil, why not try it for yourself?

Coconut oil for face

For making our face glowing, we use several kinds of products on our faces. But only a few of them will give the result. How many of you think that these products are healthy for your skin? So, these products are made up of chemicals that could be work for a short time but may not work permanently. That’s why I recommend you to apply coconut oil on the face.

It is not a surprising thing, there are lots of people who use the oil on the face, and they have healthy skin. It can work as a make-up remover or moisturizer. However, through this, the spots can be removed, and you will get the natural skin. Once you apply the oil on the face by overnight and after some time, you will get the result. 


So, these are all the aspects of the coconut oil. The oil has been grown very fastly in the entire world and claims that it can do all the things, whether it is related to weight loss. However, it contains vitamin E, not all other fibers or any other vitamin. Vitamin E is useful in boosting good cholesterol. The research has explained that coconut oil is a superfood.