Using Face App or age filter might be dangerous, know why?

There is a brand-new trend viral on social media nowadays we all know about this its app: age filter. Serviced by FaceApp, this filter provides people to see their life as an old.

Users are going crazy about this app many Bollywood stars, cricketer, doing this. The harmful news is Now there are privacy conclusion and also a call that FaceApp needs to be examined by the FBI.

age filter


  1. Russian company made this FaceApp. It shows users by the help Using an age filter, how people will look after 50 years.
  2. 150 million people have downloaded this app. In the last week,
  3. Responding to privacy concerns, FaceApp announces it is safe and that it only collects minimum data from users.

What’s going on? {kya CHAL RHA hai }
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FaceApp is going on. TheFaceApp, this filter provides people to see their life as an old. Now. There are millions{लाखों} of personalities, including people in India, they are changing their photo applying age filter to see how people will look like if they are aged. And those people are like to sharing these photos on social media.


The problem, though, is that only with any other app that uses our data such as a photo, there are secrecy concerns about FaceApp.

Some people have raised voice against concern, including a US politician he wants the app investigated by the FBI for possible data misuse. Hereabouts is everything you must need to know about this FaceApp discussion and trend

The main issue looks to be in the terms and conditions of FaceApp. This condition says users give FaceApp “a perpetual {लगातार}, permanent, nonexclusive, royalty-free{प्रभुत्व मुक्त} universal, fully-paid, transferable sub-licensable license” to handle photos they upload.

There are also companies that FaceApp not only uploads these photo on which you are using age filter into its app but also all other pictures from your phone. But, this is just a rumour because security researchers have not found any proof of it.

It’s true though that the photo on which you use age filter uploaded to FaceApp network.

FaceApp has clarified that it is not a privacy risk. In a statement, “FaceApp say that most of the photo working in the cloud storage. We only upload a photo chosen by a user for editing.

They say that they never transfer any other images socially from the phone to the cloud. Most of the images are removed from our servers in the next 48 hours from the upload time. We also accept requests from users for removing all their data from our servers.”


  1. FaceApp says that its R&D organization is in Russia, but it doesn’t allow to store user data in Russia.
  2. US politician he wants the app investigated by the FBI for possible data misuse
  3. Similar fears increased when the trend of #10yearchallenge spread virally on Facebook in January this year. In that people uploaded their photos from 10 years earlier to show how they changed
  4. That is not the first time when FaceApp is in the news for the wrong reasons. Two years ago, the company created an ethnicity filter that allowed people to change their photos to look like a person from some different country or race. FaceApp apologized and removed the screen after controversy.