Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

I am a workout in a gym for two years. I realize something that You don’t have to work out in a gym to stay fit and healthy. Your body fitness is a much more than be a member of the gym today I have covered this topic for you guys who don’t want exercise at all for people who wish to exercise at home and even for people who want to go to the gym once or twice a week lets start.

My name is Hitesh so ladies and gentleman welcome in our blog its being lifestyles.com

Get Fit Without a Gym

If you are a man or women you don’t have time to go to the gym, but you still want to fit and active at the same time training is basically something way of giving your body external force to work again

it can be easily achieved outside, also in a park, and if you have owned a piece of cardio equipment in your home like many cases, you don’t need any overpriced fancy stuff but in a simple inexpensive items

(such as jump rope, dumbbells, stability balls, yoga mat for stretching your bod

Tips 1-

  • Quick Feet
  • High Knees
  • Plank 
  • Leg Raise (lower abs)
  • Push-ups

You make sure that is your diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables and try to limit sugary drink like cold drink, in India we drink lots of lemon water is the best option for summer, but we mix lots of sugar in the drink also it’s not so good for your health and fast food fried food just avoid this kind of food item. Drinking water is the best way to stay fit & healthy

Tips2- During your lunch break or dinner taking a short walk at least 15min after your meal
Tips3- Take the stairs as much you can instead of the elevator when possible because its also work to burn calories

Tips4- when you are even talking on the mobile phone you should try to walk
Tips5- always try parking your scooter, bike, car away from your destination