Best skin care routine fight to remove acne

what I believe in is honesty and consumer power you guys are consumer so today. we are discussing skincare routine to get soft and brighter glowing skin and free from oily skin

Hey, what’s right you guys get in today topic we are talking about basic skin care routine we have oily skin, dry or even healthy skin. This particular Indian skin type care routine will apply to you but also keep in mind that

skin care

Few golden rules you have got to keep in your mind

Rule 1

wash your face twice a day once in before going to bed and once in the morning only thrice day occasional

Rule 2

one more golden rule is to use a mild face wash like clean and clear, you should try Ayurveda or natural ingredient face wash too because it’s a good option in India I suggest Ayurveda product because there were many horrible face washes provide in the Indian market.

cucumber aloe Vera Haldi neem these ingredients give you the excellent outcome, and you get naturally glowing skin because it’s less harmful you have a budget if you are very conscious about your skincare then I recommend {Kama Ayurveda,khadi} to link in the down below

Rule 3

wash your face after a shave and use after shave lotion or after an eyebrow threading

Rule 4

eat clean and healthy and avoid sugary drink as much you can because excess sugar very harmful for your health and skin to prevent as much you can

Rule 5

Drinking Waterwork help to maintain your skin healthy. water makes hydrate your body drink lots of water at least ¾ litre a day.

The human body is made about 60% water. The work of these bodily fluids include digestion, the creation of saliva, absorption, circulation, made the flow of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature

Rule 6

Moisturizer your skin hydrated is vital to combat blemishes and wrinkles, by strengthening its barrier. Also, it encourages skin. it also includes oily skin types! It produces, therefore, it is essential to keep hydration and skin balance, whenever your skin feels it is dry.

Aloe Vera basically aloe Vera I have an aloe Vera plant at home which I regularly use for my own skincare now aloe Vera Is one of those magical medicine plants where the pulp has a lot of power takes some of that get and apply on your face removes all bad bacteria. here is a link down below which I recommend to you

Rule 7

sun protection factor Without using a dose of spectrum SPF protection, do not leave home.  On overcast days.  Even if your using cosmetics SPF (it generally is not sufficient to offer sufficient protection).  And when you’re going to be indoors for the majority of the day.

A lot of UV exposure occurs during instances that are non-sunbathing like walking or driving to and from the vehicle. The ozone layer is depleting, and the own body requires protection from damaging rays. so, sunscreen is the best option to use and make your skin healthy and protect from.

Rule 8

focus on with sugar reduce your hormones level junk or hotel food absolutely say no to the packages fried snacks a lot of Indian houses you know wee keep these fried snacks at the home of like Maida that full of dirty oils full of trans fats you want to get rid of all that those out diet factors.

Also, try including a lot more vegetables or a lot more fruits in your diet and also keep in mind you don’t want to don’t overeating nonveg or eggs and also don’t overdo paneer and soya chunks it produces heat in your body when you eat a lot of this product that makes pimples

Rule 9

Stress isn’t the cause of acne, but it’s a massive player.  Your glands release the hormone cortisol when you’re stressed out.  Increased sebum production, which causes acne is found in causes by scientific research. 

Substantial levels of cortisol may result in sugar cravings, and breakouts are also raised by sugar.  The existence of eczema is stressful enough! Exercise imp factors morning movement or workout help you burn calories during the actual workout do great movements like yoga, calisthenics, jumping jacks, crunches, or burpees push-ups.