5 Health Mistakes of Women

Now lifestyles are not the same as the 90s; it changes entirely every one knows about western lifestyles.
Women to handle everything at once from house to her job work to socialize its Sounds like a busy life. It can be extremely a big problem nowadays.

But things are changing now. As of latest reports, 42% of graduates are women, or most of the women work all day many women doing business at home its very successful like many women are the housewife of the entire hustle(ऊधम), health leave behind (पीछे) seat. Make busy is good for self-improvement is much more important than making your health a priority these days because we consume lots of junk food and oily food we don’t take protein in our diet that’s why muscle loss in women start at 30 Age.

My name is Hitesh so ladies and gentleman welcome in our blog its being lifestyles.com

Neglecting your health won’t benefit in the long run and prove harmful to your health. Prioritize yourself as a 1st by avoiding these common health mistakes. lets read about Health Mistakes of Women

health mistake

1. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep
Eight hours of sleep is all your body needs. 6-8 hours of sleep can give a good result in the long run. Not Getting Enough Sleep That’s not good its unhealthy sleep patterns affect every one health.

but in case of a women’s health and its direction to a shorter life comparison than men’s, It is necessary to get enough amount of sleep to be healthy and fit.and also
(it’s good for skin more you sleep better you glow better )

2. Always wearing heels
Women’s footwear for everything. But they’re stylish from the board room to the red carpet. They’re stylish; high heels can cause significant health problems for both your feet.

Wearing heels all day long can take effect on your health. As much as you love wearing heels. Wearing heels for a long time can damage your bones and increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis.

3. Don’t exercise

It’s not that much easy to fit and doing exercise in a busy schedule, but I suggest Zumba.
some amount of exercise is better than doing nothing at least you start(It’s Never Too Late to Start Again).

Exercise important factors or workout help you burn calories during the actual workout do great movements like yoga, exercise, jumping jacks, crunches, or burpees push-ups.

you can also do Zumba-One of the best exercise burning efficiently so many calories and even fat. You should target to get 30 minutes of Zumba exercise at least two times a week


Everyone has a lot on target these days! And too much pressure to Work deadlines, exam competition, family responsibilities, and relationships problems have made stress a part of our days.

What women today face and it can produce complete stressful life. Pressure not only worse effect on your mind and its power to harms the whole body too. just remember no can be with you can only with yourself so don’t take to much stress

5. Overeating

There may be many reasons for overeating. Many people love food; they overtake them, so many people come to stress and eat lots of snacks. Avoid eating overtime by eating slowly?

Food should always eat as much as your body can easily digest. Overeating also has many health-related problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.