“Why Nirmala Sitharaman Ban E-Cigarettes”?

Health Risks of E-cigarettes is a Smokeless Tobacco, and Waterpipes
Tobacco smoking is the first cause of disease and early death in India or in many countries. also, the e-cigarette has many side effects it’s very good alternative tobacco products.

Also though cigarette smoking has slowly declined in America, when a bad thing is gone be stop that time make many alternatives products like this to have gained popularity again. 

List of alternative tobacco products and nicotine delivery products include:

  •  E-cigarettes or “vaping.”
  •    Smokeless nicotine
  •  Waterpipes Tobacco smoking

A new clinical study has shown the latest evidence concerning the use of e-cigarettes as support to smoking cessation.

Q.Do electronic cigarettes less effect harm than tobacco, and they will help me stop?

Q-Are e-cigarettes dangerous?

ANS1- Study shows that e-cigarettes are very less harmful than smoking; that’s a good point but. For people who are smoking, e-cigarettes could be a choice to help them quit use tobacco.

ANS 2-People usually include nicotine, which is addictive but doesn’t cause cancer that doesn’t mean they do not harm your body. Many products do not contain tobacco, which causes harm from smoking. So we don’t advise non-smokers to start using e-cigarettes products.

Electronic cigarettes are also known with different names in market

e-cigarettes, e-cigs, or vapour cigarettes. They are battery-operated devices.
Some e-cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes. Those come in various styles, areas, and flavours.

Alternative tobacco products also harm your body because they include harmful chemicals and that have health risks too. The chemicals and toxins may cause dangerous health problems, like cancer. 

Q.Do e-cigarettes have any side effects your body?

Ans- Researches show that high levels of many harmful chemicals are much below in people who turn habit from tobacco to e-cigarettes smoking.
Some likely harmful chemicals have been present e-cigarettes, but generally at low levels than in tobacco. These products become popular in recent years; we can’t yet know about the effects of long-term use. 

There are benefits to using e-cigarettes?

We don’t advise that non-smokers start to use e-cigarettes,
Several people are also able to save thousands of rupees a year after quitting smoking cigarettes. Some people will spend money more than others, but usually, e-cigarettes costs half as much as a cigarette.

Dangers of smokeless tobacco products Continued use of smokeless tobacco products provides to serious health problem problems. These include disease and heart disease.
Some smokeless nicotine products include 3 to 4 times more nicotine than cigarettes. And those products contain substances that increase the chance of oral and oropharyngeal cancer.

Chewing tobacco may make white patches, called leukoplakia. Both look on the gums, tongue, or thin lining of the mouth. Most of those are noncancerous, but any show first signs of cancer. 
Oral cancer
usually occurs near patches of leukoplakia.
Smokeless tobacco produces also produce dental problems and add to gum disease and tooth decay.

Many people declare that these products results are less harmful comparison than smoking and can also help people stop smoking. But these options are not evidence-based methods.

Are they safe?

Advocates of e-cigarettes pretend they’re more reliable than smoking because they don’t include the more than 60 cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco smog. But e-cigs yet deliver toxic chemicals, including nicotine, the very addictive material in cigarettes. And researches show that many brands declaring to be “nicotine-free” may still have trace amounts. Growing teenage brains are susceptible to nicotine’s addictive properties.
See what e-cigs do to your body:

How do they work?

You don’t light up an e-cig; they’re working by a rechargeable lithium battery. Rather than burning tobacco, the “e-liquid” is vaporized in a heat chamber when the person inhales.
Along with flavours and chemicals. The tip often contains LED lights that affect the glow of a burning cigarette.