How to use sea salt spray?

How to use sea salt spray?

What Is Sea Salt Spray?

You are the one who is suffering from hair fall problem after every wash. It may not matter about what kind of product you are using. So the sea salt spray is the best way to prevent this problem. Most people think that it is not suitable for our hair, but it helps in making the best hairstyles with perfect finishing. Applying the spray helps in gaining texture, volume, and natural curl. Moreover, sea salt sprays renowned for absorbing natural oil. It gives beautiful waves in your hair due to the salt component in the spray. 

Most of the sea salt spray may not make up of actual sea salt; they use Epsom salt. There is no need to worry; this salt is also good and keeps your hair from drying. Lots of people love sea salt spray because it works fast and well. It is just like a dry shampoo. Here, the dry shampoos do not mean that it cleans your hair, but it works as styling hair. 

How to use sea salt spray?

Using hair spray depends on the beachy wave you want. But there are some aspects which help you in using the salt spray. 

Make sure that your hair is dry.

Before using the spray, make your hair dry. As you have read in the above content, it works as a dry shampoo. If the hairs are wet, then you can even get the actual volume which you want. Moreover, it makes the hair flat. So, make the hairs wet.

Comb hairs and remove tangles

Removing all the tangles are also essential. Through this, the hairs will be separated and help them in falling naturally. However, it will enter into the hair correctly.

Shake the spray

As we all know to apply any product, we need to mix it well. So same as with the salt spray, as it made up of minerals and salt from the ocean which needs to incorporate appropriately.

Spray each section of hair

Now apply the spray in your hair; the best way to apply is to divide the hair into different sections. If you have beautiful hair, then it consumes a small amount of spray. Moreover, try to use 1-2 spray in each section.

Use a diffuser to dry the hair and volume.

In the last step, the diffuser helps in drying and adding volume in the hair. It may not freeze the salt into the hair but add a definition. Through this, there is no need to use fingers for pushing up hair.

How to make sea salt spray?

How to make sea salt spray?

Most of the time, we may not be able to buy the sea salt spray from the market as they think that it consists of chemicals. There is no need to worry, here you will get the information about making the spray at home. 


  1. 1 cup of warm water
  2. One tablespoon of sea salt
  3. One tablespoon Epsom salt
  4. One tablespoon organic coconut oil
  5. One tablespoon aloe vera gel
  6. 5-6 drops of essential oil


First of all, take the warm water which is nearly at the boiling point. Next, add sea salt and Epsom salt and stir it well until they dissolved in water. After that, add coconut oil and again stir it until it melted completely. Now add aloe vera gel and essential oil, mix it well. Pour this into the spray bottle, and the spray is ready to use.