What can I do to become smarter?

become smarter

I’ll tell you one thing that will make you smarter over time.🤔Smart people don’t do different things; they see things differently.😎🐱‍🏍Try seeing things from a different perspective. If everyone sees it in one way, try viewing it the other way forcefully.🤸‍♀️

Top 21 habits to become smart people🏋️‍♀️😎

  1. Focus on your food and drink while eating and drinking.
    Try to avoid using your smartphone or watching television while eating.
  2. Cut off From social media spend time with yourself.
  3. don’t forget that alcohol is potent than your stomach doesn’t play with your body always try to limit your drink.
  4. Delete candy crush and play any mind teaser game or sit
    20 minutes for meditation.
  5. Prefer Quora over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  6. Understand that society will always criticize your plan if you are sure for your dream goal to go for it. one day this society will appreciate you
  7. Need for knowledge, not people.
  8. Always don’t say yes Learn to Say NO.
  9. Read at least ten pages of books every day.
  10. You fell, you cut your hand, you cry, also it becomes fixed after some time. The same formula applies to your heart will heal. Important Note: Heart is the most powerful muscle in your body.
  11. Avoid pornography, and also Ekta Kapoor shows, and it causes disturbances.
  12. Never change your mother tongue, to impress other
  13. Learn to laugh while life punches you to cry.
  14. Nevermore compromise at the value of self-respect. Compromise where it is essential.
  15. If you stay polite always then people will use you.
  16. Start a Podcast at before bedtime like- Hustle Science, The Vishal Gondal Show, On purpose with jay Shetty
  17. Go With Date Someone Smarter Than You
  18. Always care about the clothes and accessories you wear. Price doesn’t matter, cleanliness/freshness matters.
  19. Don’t talk about your weaknesses in public; act on them in secret.
  20. Smart people don’t take setbacks and losers they welcome and hug them with open abilities and learn from the failures.
  21. Do Cardio or Resistance Training for at Least 30 Minutes a Day, Go for a walk in nature and
21 habit