What is Saffola FITTIFY Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake?

Hi-Protien Shake

Saffolalife, this year is building awareness about health one of the most common people of heart disease, i.e., Belly fat. Saffolalife Study 2018 has shown that 80% of Indians are unaware that belly fat causes heart risk. Hence, this time lets take a pledge to manage the threat to our heart due to belly fat So Saffola has launched a new product of Saffola FITTIFY Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake


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Saffola is an ancient brand in India so that we can trust on easily Saffola has launched a new product of Saffola FITTIFY Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake

it is a healthy and delicious certified snack replacement protein shake
that have been carefully made by nutritionists also created by Chef Kunal Kapur to join to make the best flavor and health for a slimmer fitter life.

When replaced with a daily meal, you consume up to 70% fewer calories and take 50% daily vitamin nutrition from these drink as per the suggested by daily allowance (RDA) Recommended Dietary Allowance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How powerful is Hi-Protein Slim Meal-Shake in weight loss?
    One serve of the Hi-Protein Slim Meal-Shake provides 20g protein, 4-5g fiber, and 26 vital vitamins and minerals per meal. A single also serve present vitamin C, vitamin E and iron in amounts that are equal to that found in 100g grapes, ten almonds, and 1 cup of green veggies, respectively. That’s means that you get up to 50% of your suggested daily nutrition allowance with just a single-serve of the Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake. Also, you consume up to 70% fewer calories compared to an ordinary Indian meal. This way Saffola FITTIFY Hi-Protein Slim Meal-Shakes can help you lose up to 4 Kgs in 2 months.
  2. What is the weight of the pack?
    The total weight of the packet is 420gm.
  3. The expiry date of the available stock?
    To July 2020.
  4. What are the directions to use the product?
    Take a couple of scoops of powder(35gm).
    Add 50ml of skim milk and shake.
    Add more 150ml of skim milk. you can also use almond milk-soya milk
    Shake 1min and consume quickly.

Summary –

  • Drop up to 4kg in 2 months in a healthful way
  • 18.9 g protein highest quality and 3.6 g essential dietary fiber
  • Up to 70 percent lighter calories vs. An ordinary Indian meal
  • Created by certified nutritionists and curated by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur
  • five plant-based superfoods
  • 26 vitamins and minerals – 50 percent Daily Vitamin Nutrition (as per RDA, ICMR 2010)
  • No Added Chemicals, NO soy, NO gluten, NO unnatural flavor, NO synthetic color, NO animal extracts