Ten signs that you are wasting your life?

Ten signs that you are wasting your life? LETS READ When you were a kid, how to imagine your life when you’re ‘grown up’?

Are you desire to grow up to be a dancer, engineer actor-singer, a doctor, an athlete, an architect or an army officer or air force pilot, teacher so, how is it work for you? Hopefully, it’s going great or maybe not, and are you living your dream life or not
What your goals and purposes, just before you entered the real game of the world now the time is a change everyone is the ‘grown-ups with a world’?

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6. Don’t have a plan for your future

I know, very well that’s it’s great to live in the present moment, but when you don’t plan for your goal has a no bigger plan for your future life, you are just like sitting in a ship in the sea, expecting to finish up somewhere
don’t lose hope. You can make changes from now its never to late to start again.

But the first move toward to your dream life you should need to make a plan of your life goals and divided in a stage that helps You want to live the life of your dreams, you should need to live them by design (like a when we make a house first we make blueprint according to our plan). Start living the life of your purposes today.

7.feel uninspired. ‍♂️

Do you have a desire for anything? I know many people who think they don’t have a passion.
Inspiration is necessary for making so many things like- work, relationships, sports, Guitar, Gyming self-improvement sometimes, with all this inspiration being burned off so fast,

So you need to find what excites you to do more work, and then do more of it and make your dream reality
The biggest life adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams

8.let distractions & interruptions fill your day

Your time is your valuable asset that never comes again and the fastest way to waste it (like continually checking our what’s app, Facebook and Instagram feed to much time on funny veins on you-tube)

And interruptions (like responding every phone call and text message instantly and saying yes to everyone to you to fill up your day. after regret about this you don’t use your time is by allowing distractions
Make one day a week distraction/interruption-free day, and your life will never be the same.

9. Always put yourself down ‍♂️

If you tell yourself that you’re not done this still think you are smart enough to start a business you don’t have money, or that you’re too old to start a new profession, that you’re too tired to put effort into creating the life of your dreams – then this will become your reality.

just do this
(When You Change Your Thoughts Its Will Change Your Life
Make a list of good things you’ve done and also what you like the most about yourself.
Start your day with affirmations
Stop negative talk with yourself
Treat yourself like your best friend
solve all your problems like it’s your best friend problem you will get better answers
Stop comparing yourself to other people
Forget your mistake

10.dont get enough sleep

I’m not a medical dr. But I have read lots of articles to know how important sleep is. Sleep is vital for good health. Eight hours of sleep is all your body needs. 6-8 hours of sleep can give a good result in the long run. Not Getting Enough Sleep That’s not good its unhealthy sleep patterns affect every one health.but in case of a women’s health and its direction to a shorter life comparison than men’s, It is necessary to get enough amount of sleep to be healthy and fit.and also