The best advice to a teenager

The best advice to a teenager
This lifestyle is just for three days. Yesterday is finished, and we do not know what happens tomorrow. Live now and always be mindful it can be over any time. Thus don’t live alone, do something special for those that are needing.
It’s the best time to being a teenager, so live it out entirely.

  1. Wake up early: That habit will give you a lot of your life. Waking up earlier will provide you with an amazing feeling and a positive mindset to start your working day. When we wake up early, we will have more hours to start our day and use our day more productive way.
  2. Stop coming in love with every girl/boy you see and meet.
  3. Say goodbye to late nights pub-g friends.
  4. It is okay if you lose friends.
  5. Don’t fear failure. Failure is a part of significant success.
  6. At first, you learn about your field then you remove the “L.” So, never stop learning read books 10min a day. List of the book-
  7. If she/he treats you like you are not deserving of her/him, then move on buddy without any doubt.
  8. If you love someone, then confess your feeling in front of the person. Don’t fear rejection. Let it be 100 aayengi 10 jayengi par meri wali toh mummy layegi
  9. You should neglect him/her to get his/her attention.
  10. Speak less-listen more.
  11. You don’t need a bike or car at this age. in your age, Your cycle is enough.
  12. Learn more about time management skills. because we can stop clock It is the most important thing, my friend follow Sandeep, Ranveer sir @beerbiceps.
  14. Beauty is temporary, so love women, but marry only those who have a beautiful heart
  15. complaining of the costs, travel the world, buy a laptop or smartphone limited, and spent that money to travel the world because no one device can give you the knowledge you learn from going.
  16. Don’t masturbate every day.
  17. “Ladkiyo ko Dekho, Magar Pyaar see”. Don’t try to comment on girl –

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