what is the ugly truth of life

50 The ugly truth of life people dont admit it

The ugly truth of life?

Which are the phases of life?

There are two phases of life one happy, and another is sad. All of us prefer to live a bright side of life, but the sadness is also part of life. If you are happy, then it means you also suffer from a sad time which turns into happiness. like there are the ugly truth

Both are related to each other,  in this artical we show the bitter truth of life

what is the bitter truth or ugly truth of life? And we all have to accept this.

Everyone wants there life to be successful and full of enjoyment. But how many think that it can be possible? There are lots of people who try their best to make life well settled. However, I m also the person who always puts their efforts to make life successful and well-settled. 

Here is a question of how many of you know the ugly truth of life? We meet lots of people in our daily life, and everyone is suffering from some problems. If someone is suffering from a big problem and him/she thinks that why these all happen with me. But it is not the truth, everyone is suffering from some issues, and you all have to handle the problem and find the solution.

Acceptance is the most significant thing which you have to learn. For example, if something is mishappening happens with you, so don’t ignore this accept it and face it. Through this, you will get the best experience with the good or bad times of life.

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50 Ugly Truth Of Life

  1. The time you’re you’re born and the time you die, are the only moments when people genuinely say good things about you, behind your back.
  2. Money, sex, and power are the ultimate motivators of humanity. They are disguised as happiness, Love, and leadership.
  3. The first stage of Love is Lust.
  4. People will forget the 100 good things you said but always remembers that one bad thing you said to them.
  5. Digital Data is the new currency, and your digital data is being used upon you.
  6. Unhealthy food is tasty, most of the time.
  7. Drinking a lot of water is good for health, but the peeing part is frustrating.
  8. People will judge you, no matter what. That is how Humans think about people. We decide an apple before buying it when it comes to choosing a person for a relationship or to friends we don’t judge
  9. Most relations end, when people genuinely get to know each other
  10. bad luck, challenges, hard times, hunger, external attacks are sometimes required to build the real you, don’t give up.
  11. You are not as handsome as you think. You may consider yourself as the most attractive and gentle who could get the hearts of many women. No, it may not be accurate. Look at the mirror once whenever you feel that. be a real gentleman and protect women support in every situation
  12. The worst thing that happens to someone is heartbreak. It’s similar to dying daily, and you will get a lot of physical sicknesses if you experience a broken heart. Also, it’s one of the things that teach you the best life lessons in life. A heartbreak is a real thing to show the reality of life !!
  13. When half of the world is trying to lose weight, the other half is trying to have at least one meal of the day.
  14. A book only gives a little information, but life experience gives you the best lessons.
  15. People will do anything to get into pants, this includes marrying, or faking Love, or even telling lies about everything and anything. 
  16. No matter how much you work your ass at the office and get prizes as the best employee when you die, your company will replace you in a week. So take it slow and think about your life too.
  17. Fake babas exist only fake self-proclaimed sex addict babas with millions of money in their pockets, and people blindly follow them.
  18. People act entirely according to how you feel about yourself. So love yourself first.
  19. People don’t want to understand the truth. They only realize what sounds “good” and “reasonable”.
  20. The reason most people will never grow in life become wealthy is that they will never leave their comfort zone.
  21. No one is good rather than your parents. Never put your trust wholeheartedly on another one.
  22. The biggest mistake which we all do in our entire life. What is it? We all try to make our future best and put effort into the present which means for making our future good we destroy our present, and in the past, we have nothing which makes us happy. We don’t know about the future but try to make it best. Why? Here you need to make the present best which helps in shaping the future bright. Forget past, focus on the present to make the future; it is not a line that gives lots of knowledge.
  23. Bollywood Movies sucks. Exceptions are always there.
  24. When it comes to money, people can do anything at your least expectation. So, never underestimate the power of money.
  25. Life is cruel. You have to accept and move on.
  26. No matter how painful or hurtful life is, you still have to get up, go to work, and earn every money to survive. No one worries about your life issues.
  27. You cant manage success if you can’t handle stress. 
  28. Karma doesn’t work the way you expect. Rich, evil people, thrive and live the best and most extended life. The most gentle people you have ever known will always seem to have plenty of bad lucks.
  29. Love is forever pleasurable than sex in the long term. Initially, in every relationship, the sex part is more extra.
  30. The mind is incredible. At times, find it difficult to believe that how the mind forgets someone in real-time and cares about them no more! I guess there are triggers and cycle sin mind about which we are still unaware.
  31. Pain from break up or heartbreak comes and goes exponentially. It is always painful than it seems, but it still takes half less time to recover. The process has balanced a heartbreak. Don’t worry; pain will subside at a much higher pace than you can even imagine.
  32. If You Take a Risk, People Will Call You a God If You Succeed & A Fool If You Don’t
  33. Good habits are difficult to acquire but more comfortable to live with, and bad habits are easy to learn but challenging to live it.
  34. Wearing branded cloth doesn’t define your status.
  35. Success is mostly not achieved by hardwork; success is being at the right place, among the right people, doing the right thing at the right time. (Luck has an important role)
  36. The people that you love will die someday. Your parents will not be around forever. I have seen parents lose their children in their teens, and it was the worst thing ever; nothing hurts more than seeing your dead child. But you will have to deal with it and move on.
  37. Don’t buy costly gadgets, clothes, shoes with your parent’ money. Earn your money, and full fill your wishes.
  38. What types of foods you eat are necessary for your health, especially as you hit your middle years.
  39. Sex and Love are different concepts.
  40. Life will please itself, no matter how much we worry about the future or sit in worry thinking about the past. Best to learn from whatever we do, decide to do better in your life, and keep moving. Regret only keeps us sitting in the past doing nothing in the present.
  41. There are 100 papers to judge your knowledge & ability, but no-one can judge your honesty.
  42. People die every day; no one is special.
  43. All religions are human-made.
  44. Kabir Singh is the worst movie because it is accidentally delivering a message to the age group of 14–25. People of this age are now becoming Kabir and Preeti in their real life. PS: Shahid Kapoor delivered his most excellent acting.
  45. Shahid Kapoor said in Kapil Sharma Show that he used to take a bath after the shoot of Kabir Singh scenes before finally going home because he said the personality of Kabir is too negative. He doesn’t want to take that vibe near my kids and family. And here in the real world, Youngsters are following him and trying to be like Kabir Singh.
  46. Everything is temporary, even your breath too.
  47. Speaking the truth will make you cornered from others, but you will lighter by your heart.
  48. Nobody is ever too busy to answer. If they didn’t answer, they didn’t want to. it’s all about priority
  49. In a relationship, Break Up breaks you from the heart. But, there is a more hurting thing to lose your siblings and family member.
  50. One day you become a memory for someone so try to make the best memories with them. 

The truth of life is When giving importance to temporary people, they hurt you most and leaves you so love your friends, family member, and most relevant to your loving cousins because it gives you life best experience. That’s the reason for my living soo thanks everyone being a part of my life love you always.

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