Vitamin e is good for hair growth or not?

vitamin e is good or not so Ladies and gentlemen, you want the hairs for a lifelong and make the hair long and thick read full article

All we know about the many doctor’s fitness gurus, health advisor everyone tells the use of vitamin E to keep hair skin healthy work -Vitamin helps to remove the dead skin by removing the dead skin and aids in bringing the new skin quickly,

so it is very beneficial for the skin and hair also.

Similarly, they help in shining them by providing antioxidants to the hair.and also apply on the Skin to fight against acne. “

Q1.Helps in the growth of hair

Many man/women do not grow hair after a fixed length. It is also when the lack of nutrients in the body hair stop growing. When hair has stopped growing then start using Vitamin E daily.

Vitamin E provides the essential element to the weak hair and helps to keep your hair healthy and stronger. Because hair and nails are two things that grow whole life To increase the growth of hair and nails,

Add Vitamin E capsules provide in Indian market it is very cheap only 25rs ten tablets (Evion 400mg) mix coconut oil and pills properly take it in scalps. If put, vitamin E with coconut oil, almond oil for 30days, the hair will begin to grow..its also help in the formation of new hair follicles.

Q2.vitamin e  help in the formation of new hair follicles shiny hair

if we regularly use Vitamin oil in the hair oil, it will start to deep conditioning of roots, and it is needful to make the hair healthy and shiny

So if Ladies and gentlemen we all want the hairs for a lifelong and make the hair long and thick, then start adding Vitamin E oil in the strands from today.

So do not fall in the expensive cosmetics affair and hair shine by applying vitamin oil in the hair. Its capsules will get cheaply in every medical shop.

Q3.How to use on hair?
There is also vitamin E in the green vegetables available in the market. However, if the hair has dandruff for a long time and hair conditioning is not good,

Then. First purchase Vitamin E’s capsule from any good medical shop and check expire date to and take out the whole gel by holes in the needle and mix with any oil putting it in the hair before sleeping.

Then wake up in the morning and wash the hair. Do this for one month in Alternatives Days. It will give nutrients to the Hairs, and the hair will shine. “