What are some harsh realities of life?

Here is the harsh realities of life

What are some harsh realities of life?
Here is the list of harsh realities of life

  • Somebody who promises one to remain in your own life during a difficult time they will leave you
  • You will see a lot of temporary friends than permanent ones.
  • Nothing is irreversible, your love, your parents, your problems, your lifetime.
  • Karma somehow finds a way to contact everyone.
  • Nobody cares about you; they’ll are only there to fulfil their ego.
  • If Facebook does not allow know about your birthday, 98% wouldn’t know if it’s your birthday.
  • In any relationship, there is one who takes control and takes charge after marriage.
  • If you would like to make your relatives happy, make jokes.
  • Money and looks thing more then you are told. These two things garner respect, friends, social status and love of life.
  • It is not”Dilwale dulhania le Jayenge” it’s”paisa wala dulhania le Jaye ge.”
  • Sometimes you do your best, and things don’t end up the way you planned. It is not your fault or failure. it’s our life.
  • You’re the best mirror for the people who are in your life. It means that you make people feel great about themselves.
  • It sometimes takes 20 years to earn some actual thing from a four-year diploma program.
  • You don’t need a degree to start a business.
  • Everything has a price tag, even adore; sometimes it is expensive.
  • You will find women other there that will manipulate people to do some work by their looks.
  • Not many parents are good people, or good at parenting.
  • If you get neglected in life, it is not due to government, parents or teachers. It’s because of you.
  • Consistently prepare for unexpected job losses from the company. Always hunt for new jobs while doing the current situation.
  • You are the most amazing person and type person and yet bullied by jerks.