What are the after-effects of scraping Article 370?

artical 370

It is a historical wrong that should have righted long ago. With the scrapping of section 370, the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir now properly becomes an essential part of India. It shall have no extra privileges or illegal benefits over other Indian states.

The Indian flag shall be raised not only in Jammu also in Kashmir too hopefully

What was article 370 and 35A?

Article 370 allows the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It passed the state to have its law.

Article 35A, which gives exclusive rights to the natives of the country, was added in a law order issued by the PM

Once 35A too becomes rid of, people from land India will be able to buy property and home in the Union Territory. As Indian civilians, we must take full benefit of this to change the demography to our favour.

The government’s decision to Ladakh separated from Jammu and Kashmir the problem was how to deal with Kashmir and Jammu, both ethnically and religiously different regions. By choosing to merge the two areas as one Union Territory,

It is a tremendous and crucial move in every way, and with this success, Shri Narendra Modi has written his name in the annals of history.

Our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi always be remembered with pride and honor by dedicated Indians.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

There will be many changes after scraping Article 370.

Some key changes:-

  • Jammu and Kashmir will become a Union Territory
  • Ladakh will be distributed from J & K
  • Now Ladakh will also different Union Territories.
  • The government will have control over it
  • Jammu and Kashmir will not have a separate law of its own. The Constitution of India will implement on Jammu and Kashmir.
  • No separate flag of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • People will have more rights
  • Any resident of India can purchase a home or land in Jammu and Kashmir as article 35 A rejected.
  • No more corruptions in JK
  • opening a gateway for the investment opportunities
  • Ladakh will not have a Legislative Assembly.
  • Article 356 of Indian law will apply to Jammu and Kashmir, which will enable the president’s rule in case of emergency time. Previous it was governor’s rule.
  • It will be an illegal offense to defame the Indian flag.
  • Jammu and Kashmir will not become a separate judgment making power in defense, intelligence, or foreign affairs as before.
  • China’s attitude and forcefully taking others’ land and building their construction will have restrictions.

We can see some indirect changes in future too.

As all laws and commands related to Constitution and other rules will apply to Jammu and Kashmir, we can see it limited to the separatist majority there. Police can take strict actions on people who are promoting terrorism in Valley.

We can see more limited of anti-national feelings / separate country feeling and also of common feelings for one country INDIA.

17% of the entire earnings of India (one year) used only on KASHMIR

The JK govt people used to take much amount from the Indian government but never spent even 20% of it. It’s only because of corruption. The central government never received the profit generated from the Tourister of Jammu and Kashmir.