What can I start today that will benefit me for a lifetime?

Start today LEARN Top 21 habits and Don’t waste your valuable time following your crush or ex who will not be part of your life five years down the line.

What can I start today that will benefit me for a lifetime?

Use your time on yourself not in thinking about others



  1. Drink milk at night instead of morning
  2. Always brush your teeth at night before you sleep
  3. Use genuine quality water bottles and drink water 30min before your bed
  4. Always pay full attention to your first meeting with people.
  5. Start drink apple cider vinegar after your meal
  6. Live in now (the one way to leave the worst past and afraid of the future)
  7. Call your parents every day if you are not with your parents and ask them about how it was their day. even try to talk with your older ones
  8. Eliminate sugary drinks including diet coke, sprite, etc
  9. Use the right kind of multivitamin every day.
  10. Wear good shades in sunlight to protect your eyes from UV rays.
  11. Forgive but never forget what he/she does with you.
  12. Try to Take the stairs instead of the elevator and lift.
  13. When you are reading a book, explain yourself like a five years old kid. You will remember it for life.
  14. Always prepare for safe sex. Even if it is oral sex, use a condom.
  15. Try to Use the blue light filter on your phone and laptop. Apps and software are available for free on google play store on the phone, Microsoft store in windows.
  16. Porn will never make you happy or satisfied. First Ask yourself what results after you have masturbated? It will affect your real sex life.
  17. I appreciate and compliment good things. It can make someone’s day.
  18. You being a woman does not indicate you will be free always. Give that bus/metro seat to the person who needs it at that time. Don’t leave the position just because you were a woman. last night I was traveling in a train there was an uncle who was not able to stand up properly .so I requested a lady who was there sitting on her seat to give him a seat but she refused & ignored this should not be done
  19. Read the newspaper every day. it’s you to improve your knowledge and make conscious about what is happening around you
  20. Use lighter makeup on your skin. Be more confident. Make-up, in the long run, can harm, your skin. Confidence, in the long term, will raise your self-esteem.
  21. Do meditation daily for only 5mib. Help you to analyze and focus more on your work last lets you get a better result.