which milk is best for you cow or buffalo milk

Cow Milk

1.    Found Low fat% in cow milk and; preserved in the body for less time.

2.    Cow’s milk is the best source of large in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, cow milk is a rich source of calcium.

3.    Benefit- More cholesterol, less fat, fewer calories. And also It is beneficial for healthy bones, dental health, reducing overweight in children, protection from cancer, depression and thyroid diseases, and good for muscle building.

4.    Dairy products: curds, cheese, sweets, paneer – it’s less thick and creamy

5.    Cow’s milk is consumed worldwide, including the country that also consumed buffalo milk.

Buffalo Milk

1.       100% Fat fulfilled than cow’s milk; can be preserved for a longer time in the body

2.       Buffalo milk is highly rich in calcium and is a good source of minerals like phosphorus potassium, magnesium

3.       Benefits- buffalo milk is Less cholesterol comparison from cow milk, you get more fat, more calories. It is also good for your healthy bones, dental health, and its good option to weight gain.

4.       Buffalo milk. made thick and creamy dairy products milk products like yogurt as well as indigenous milk products like khoa and ghee and cottage cheese (called “paneer” in South Asia),.

5.       Buffalo milk is trendy in South Asia (India, Pakistan) and Italy.