sign of depression

What Are The Signs Of Depression?

What Is Depression?

Depression is a disorder that is happening by sadness; in this case, we lose our interest in enjoyable things, and it creates low motivation.

It is widespread to experience everyone at this time. So it affects life changes, stress, or disappointment.

 The solution to this its work. In many cases, sad feelings will be change when we change our lifestyles.

 In situations such as death, these feelings may continue for periods and return at critical times, such as anniversaries and birthdays related to the lost loved one.

Depression is widespread nowadays. 1/3 people will be facing a significant depressive experience at some stage in their lives.

Small steps, big impact

Depression can drain your energy, giving you feeling empty and fatigued. This can make it hard to gather the strength or want to seek treatment.

But, take tiny steps you can take to help you feel more in control and increase your overall knowledge of well-being.

Psychological Symptoms:
1.Feeling sick. This problem is present for much of the day but may vary in its severity. The suffering lasts for weeks.
2. Loss of enjoyable thing in usual activities.
3.Reduced or inefficient thinking with a lower concentration, pointing to difficulties sorting out problems or making plans or decisions.
4.Recurring unpleasant feelings, especially about being guilty, being an inadequate and unworthy person,
 Felling that you are alone, it would be more suitable off dead or of hurting yourself in some
Physical Symptoms:

1.Loss of craving with extreme Loss of weight.

2. Loss of interest in sex.

3. Felling low energy, yet when not to much physically active.

4.Lack of sleep despite feeling tired. Sleep is typically restless and unsatisfying with early morning wakening; however, it may sleep a lot more than usual.